A Pergola SO!...

to turn your garden into paradise!

Enjoying the outdoors – this family from Aalter made it possible with their own Pergola SO!

They chose for a SO! Chic free-standing patio on 4 poles. It was placed against their house by our Winsol dealer Ruysschaert from Bruges.

The glass sliding walls transform the pergola into an additional conservatory. Always shielded from weather and wind, but with a view and no loss of daylight! An additional white screen keeps out the bright sunlight. The slatted roof adjusts automatically using the geographical location to create the perfect balance between shade and sun.

We bet you that they will be hosting many garden parties from now on.


Completed Pergola SO! in Aalter
Pergola SO! with opened glass sliding wall white pergola SO with screens SO! canopy with automated louvered roof glass sliding walls and louvered roof Pergola SO! with screens White pergola SO! Pergola SO! with opened glass sliding wall Detail of the louvered rood of pergola SO! Detail of the handle on the glass sliding wall - pergola SO! Patio roof wit screen and louvered roof Louvered pergola SO! Side view Pergola SO! Detail of the louvre roof and glass sliding wall

Custom Pergola SO!

Each Pergola SO! is created completely to size and based on your wishes. Choose from a range of finishing options and colours.

They chose for the SO! Chic pack with automatic engine and a combination of glass sliding walls with subtle handles and white wind-resistant screens for their white patio pergola. Check the successful result next to the text!